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Are your cupboards overflowing with vases? Need to make room in your closets and shelves? Bring your empty vases to Countryside Floral and Garden for Countryside Bucks! You will receive $1 Countryside Buck for each vase or container. You can the use these Bucks towards any purchase at the store. It’s a true win-win for everyone!!

Just bring in your Countryside Bucks for a new arrangement or home decor! The fall is still here and we have the perfect decorations to help you enjoy the autumn months. Come in…and remember your Countryside Bucks!

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Our Salmon Days Float

October 10, 2016 by

Did you see our amazing Salmon Days float this year in Issaquah, Washington?! Countryside Floral and Garden designed an incredible float that received Second Place! Jon and Katie incorporated yelloween lilies, black ti leaves, roses, cosmos, coral anthuriums from Hawaii and felt pumpkins to create an autumn masterpiece.

Not only was the float decorated in wonderful fall colors, but so were the vans and trailer.

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Mr. Adam at Adams DJ Service referred Jody to Countryside Floral and Garden to do her wedding

flowers… and then I referred Melissa back to Adam and then in return he referred

Ann and Eric back to me… but I can’t show you pictures of those wedding because they

haven’t happened yet. It’s Soooo Great to Know other Fabulous Wedding Vendors that

you can trust and depend on.


But The Wedding of Jody and Philip has Happened and Jody Brought me a DVD of

all the photos from the wedding and I talked to Clane Gessel Photography

and he said I could use some…………..  What a Great Photographer!!!  Wow!!!

The first time I have ever seen his work… Pretty Cool!!!!!

Take a Look……………………….

In this picture he Greyed out some of the color…  Amazing…. The pops of Green just

faded away. You will see in the later pictures what I mean. Jody’s Wedding Bouquet

was made of , White Roses (Polo), White Mini callas, Green Hypericum Berries,

Dianthus “Trick” which I call Moss on stick, Blue Hydrangea, Blue Iris, Dusty Miller,

White Phaleanopsis  Orchid, Bling studded Stephanotis, Ivory Ribbon wrap on stems,

Variegated Lily Grass Loops.

Fun Car Photo!!!!!!!!!!!   With My Handmade Bouquet of course!!!

And the Bride and Bridesmaid…………………………To Match of course…..



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I was Soooooo Excited to be working with Anna and Lars….  First of all She was

BEAUTIFUL.. and he was just stunning….  And what was so Fun about this wedding was

the way it came about for us at Countryside Floral and Garden , I Speak or Present at

several Garden clubs a year, Usually around 4 to 6 presentations. I really enjoy

sharing my talents with people and I have become a Pretty Fabulous Speaker. Funny,

knowledgeable, and entertaining.  During these little presentations of course I

mention the shop and what trends brides are into that particular year because we know

it changes for sure!!!   Anna’s Mom was in the Crowd at one of these presentations and

called me the following week and was like “Jon, You have to do my Daughters

Wedding” and of course I was like “Totally!!!”

Sooooooo… I did!!!!   Lets Take a look shall we..

In the Above Picture.. She was carrying her Bouquet with White Hydrangea, Green

hanging Amaranthus, Green Spider Mums, White Freesia, White Mini Calla and Green

Hypericum, Green Cymbidium Orchids with just a touch of Willow Eucalyptus.

So it had a sea feel to it…

I just noticed as I was Putting the picture on the Blog that she is TOTALLY Smashing

His Boutonniere.  LOL!!!!

Here the Bride is with all Her Bridesmaids…   Yes 6!!!  OMG!!!!

The Girls were wearing Navy…. So we Used Blue Hydrangea, Green Spider Mums,

Green Hypericum, Willow Euc and Equisetum Triangles for some funk…..

Love this Flower Girl HeadBand….  I REALLLLLY Hate Halo’s But I Love Headbands…

They just make so much more sense to me and not to mention they actually STAY on!!!

This one is all hand glued… White Orchids, Dusty Miller, Sea Shells and a Touch of Willow Euc.

LOVE THIS!!!!     Great Bout…. Not Flowers… Just foliage and shell…

so Dusty Miller on Willow Euc and Equisetum banded together with a touch of

Oregonia and a shell…..   You wanna talk about Hand Work……   And don’t forget

the sand….Which is Actually Artificial Snow..Shhhhhhh….Don’t Tell anyone!!!!

Great Ceremony Picture!!!!!!!!!!   The Venue has An Amazing Driftwood arch..  We used

half of the centerpieces down the Aisle and then transferred them to the tables….  With some

White Dendrobium florets as the Petal Dripness…

The Other centerpieces that were already placed on the table where Fat Low Cylinders, with

Equisetum twirled around the vase and I believe that we used Bear Grass as well…

White Hydrangea with Dusty Miller and White Dendrobium Florets floating amongst

the Shells…..   Sand air tossed on the Navy Blue linen with some shells added as well….

Loved the Look….. Especially because the wedding was by the sea…

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and LOVED The Had Table…  I told her that I wasn’t going to tell her

What I was going to do… She just had to Trust me…    Glass Trumpet vases, with Grass,

Hydrangeas, Queen Anne Lace, Hanging Green Amarathus, Twisted Natural sticks,

Eucalyptus. All or the Girls Bouquets were placed on the tables with additional leaf

wrapped glass cubes of hydrangea with sea shells tucked in…..  and LOTS of Sand and LOTS of

Shells added..  I loved each Place setting having a Sea Urchin,

Green Fuji Mum, and an abalone shell with Hand Written Names on them……






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We were Asked to be a Part of A Grand Affaire Open House…. I just Love Working with

Monica and her Team. And the Food!!!  OMG!!!  Delicious…. She went with Greys and

Oranges!!!  I LOVE that Color Combination!!!!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!

We Love Our Circus Roses…  Nice Round Ball of Circus Roses, With Vine Maple

Branches extending out of the top of the design for additional height. We Placed the

ball on top of our Apothecary Cylinder vases that contained Circus rose petals,

a touch of holly for the organicsness and a couple of circus roses… Placed on a

Silver Crushed Fabric…. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Yes!!!!  Lovely for that Summer/Fall Bride…  Organic yet Elegant at the same time.

Orange Pincushion Protea, Red “Forever Young” Roses, French Tulips, Scented

Geranium, Sunflowers, Circus roses, Cedar, Deciduous Huck, Green Trachelium and

Touch of Magnolia Foliage, Copper Sheer Ribbon wrap…….  YUM!!!!

And this cute little bobble…  Perfect for your Cocktail Hour on your Cocktail tables!!!

This Cement Based with Wire contraption that holds a Large Test Tube Vial is Really

Cool!!! Anthurium, Circus rose, touch of bling….     Organic Modern Test Tube Vase!!!

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Justine and I had meet for over a Year……….Emails back and forth and back and

back and forth turned the Wedding into A Fabulous Event!!!!    Details are so

important on the Big Day!!!!

Her Theme colors were red and white… She Loves Roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because of the Mass quantity of Roses that she wanted I was able to buy a Case of

Charlotte Roses…..  Delicious!!!


The Mantle at The Mayflower Park Hotel is An Amazing Space….. Great Big Mantle

needs a HUGE Piece for the Perfect Background.

Just remember that you have to move the clock…….

And then you have the Unity arrangement that Justine had provided the Candles

for and I made the Floral piece around the design and then we moved the Design

to the Sweetheart table for the Reception……

And of course you have to have little bobbles for the Bistro Tables…..

Little Cube Vases with small hand tied bundles with green wire and red crystals

in the water….

Here’s to Our First Blog Post….     and with More to come… Hopefully Justine will

send me pics from the Ceremony so I can write some more about the Great Event.




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