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Archive for May, 2012

Justine and I had meet for over a Year……….Emails back and forth and back and

back and forth turned the Wedding into A Fabulous Event!!!!    Details are so

important on the Big Day!!!!

Her Theme colors were red and white… She Loves Roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because of the Mass quantity of Roses that she wanted I was able to buy a Case of

Charlotte Roses…..  Delicious!!!


The Mantle at The Mayflower Park Hotel is An Amazing Space….. Great Big Mantle

needs a HUGE Piece for the Perfect Background.

Just remember that you have to move the clock…….

And then you have the Unity arrangement that Justine had provided the Candles

for and I made the Floral piece around the design and then we moved the Design

to the Sweetheart table for the Reception……

And of course you have to have little bobbles for the Bistro Tables…..

Little Cube Vases with small hand tied bundles with green wire and red crystals

in the water….

Here’s to Our First Blog Post….     and with More to come… Hopefully Justine will

send me pics from the Ceremony so I can write some more about the Great Event.




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The Tillandsia (Air Plants) are Making a Crazy Comeback. We

just received a Fabulous Shipment into the Shop at Countryside

and Garden. The Clute Family is Picking up 30 of these babies

on Friday for her Beach Wedding. She’s going to be gluing them

to drift wood for her centerpieces. If I can get a picture then I

will share that with you as well.

This Monster Tillandsia just walked out the door this morning. I will attempt to get some more in for those that are into collecting. Rather Incredible Specimens.

And these Lovelies!!! YUM!!!… We have placed them on Recyled boxes for Display and left them hanging on the Walls. We are getting a shipment in like every 3 weeks and enjoy playing with them in Design, Boutonnieres, Wedding Bokays, and Great for that Grey Atouches that we are so craving now, or just to slap in a Clear Hanger or in our Locally made Ceramics Hangers.

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