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We are very excited to announce that we are now carrying a new plant at Countryside Floral and Garden!

With a stunning yellow center surrounded by beautiful green leaves, the new Chlorophytum “Orange Flash” creates the perfect balance of color, sure to fit in with your favorite color palette that you have envisioned for your perfect day!


The Chlorophytum “Orange Flash”

The “Orange Flash” comes from an economically friendly species of plants known as the Old Spider Plant. The Spider Plant contains rich foliage with tiny white flowers, and is known to be one of the finest green plants for the environment by improving air quality and helping to create cleaner air.


The Old Spider Plant

Our Floral Designers are happy to have this lovely addition to the wide variety of plants and flowers carried at Countryside, and are eager with creativity to incorporate the “Orange Flash” into any arrangement; from a colorful centerpiece, to a blossoming bouquet!


The Old Spider Plant


Chlorophytum “Orange Flash”


Chlorophytum “Orange Flash”


Chlorophytum “Orange Flash”